Являться вдохновением для других - бесценно... Интервью для писательницы из Венесуэлы Мэй Басс.

Недавно со мной вышла на связь юная писательница из Венесуэлы Мэй Басс с просьбой дать ей интервью, на основе которого она написала небольшое эссе. Результат превзошёл все мои ожидания, и теперь я считаю своим долгом поделиться её замечательной работой с вами, дорогие друзья.

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May Bass

Between letters of experience, Arina P. Franzén

If I needed to summarize everything I have to say in one phrase, it would be: give yourself away. I have learned that the moments come and go through the memories and that they are the ones who teach that everything is better when it is done with a passion because it is worthless to regret what we could have done once our mind rests in the endless field of memories. At the end of the day, they are only fragments of something already lived, a little distorted and owner of what we feel.

Arina Polyakova, also known as Anna Rini, was born in Moscow and twenty-seven years old. She has what many people look up beyond their forties, when they are already tired of whatever society has told them to do, and when the routine of doing the common is coming to an end, and they wonder if that's all, - she has passion. Arina is a clear example that to be happy you only need to follow a dream.

What is an aim? Something to what we want to get, so we spend our whole life looking around. What is a passion? It is something that is a part of us, that small fragment that defines where we will go, so we spend our whole lives trying to find ourselves. In the days when we feel lost is when we discover more about ourselves, that is when our fears take us closer to what we want and, in particular cases, don’t even know what we were searching.

From a very early age, Arina was drawn to the feelings of creation and, above all, to writing. She always had catching ideas in her head that came in the form of words, but it was not until a long process of experiences and practices that she managed to become the great writer she is today. Dedication and hard work are the only things that actually certify to us how far we go; there are simply no limits for those who struggle.

She is currently writing her new book dedicated to the biography of Wallis Simpson, an American woman for whom British King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936. In 2013, she was the first woman in Russia who wrote a book about him, called "The Past Without Future. The Story of the King Edward VIII". The truth is that she is attracted to that time of the past and I can assure you that although she was not born among that monarchy, she has lived it through books and letters.

That is the valuable thing about being a writer: that no matter how you live or where you live, you can always experience more of life and acquaintance. It is there, in the letters of the experience, that the soul speaks and the brain is in silence. To be a writer is to take the mission of showing universes to those who cannot see it, to show freedom in the middle of confinement, is to lead lives to those who think they are already dead.

For an author, writing is to feel at peace. No matter how many hours it takes to end his job or if he has slept too little when he finishes and observes it, he realizes that his thoughts ceased to be only his and at that moment belongs to all who are willing to see with eyes closed. That is why Arina's biggest dream is to be able to write about whatever and whenever she wants, to get the freedom to let herself be and to always live in contentment.

When this relatively young writer closes her eyes, she imagines herself sitting by the calm sea at sunset, looking at the horizon and listening how the wind is playing with the waves, tenderly crashing them on the land; and watching how the evening sun is glittering the water tops. It is where her calmness lies. And when she opens her eyes again, she still feels that she is happy, being comfortable with her career and encouraged by her family and husband to keep fighting. She tells us that a person truly becomes fulfilled when he can be himself, and do what he wants, which in the end makes him happy.

Now, wherever you are reading this or whatever your circumstances are, I can only tell you to fight. It does not matter if you are in a bad situation or if you feel that your world is going to fall, there is always something more, and there is always a chance. Be the accumulation of your own experiences and let the world see how great you can be. Make the world of those who dream, because dreams were made to be realized.

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