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— 2010, 2013 —
War Propaganda in Cinematography
of the Third Reich
— 2013 —
Her Majesty the Queen of the Great Britain Elizabeth II. 
A View on the Modern British Monarchy
— 2013 —
The Past Without Future.
The Story of King
Edward VIII
— 2014, 2016 —
The Mystery of the Old Lighthouse
(as Anna Rini)
— 2015 —
British Monarchy at the End of 20th -
Beginning of 21st Century


Professional independent writer, Ph.D. in History. Member of the Russian Union of Writers. Psychologist.



I was born and grew up in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Moscow, Russia. In 2015 I moved to live in Sweden.


I speak Russian, English, German and Swedish. I love being creative in any possible way - writing poetry under a pseudonym, creating fiction, researching history, drawing oil paintings, making magic illustrations, playing the piano and supporting all kinds of handicraft. I am fond of gothic, mysticism, esotericism and psychology.


Research interests: modern British monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II, King Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson, Victorian England, Jack the Ripper, history of the Third Reich, "Bloody Countess" Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bathory, Gilles de Rays, Middle Ages, history of torture, Vlad III (Tepes, Dracula).



The story of my books


I began my higher education at the age of 15 with studying history, political science and international relations for five years at History Faculty, Lomonosov State University (Moscow, Russia). Department of Modern political science obligated me to choose the subject of the research in the period of 20th-21st centuries. Simultaneously I started learning German as a second foreign language. It allowed me to pick Germany as a country of the prime specialisation. My sphere of particular interest during these times was the history of Nazi's Germany (1933-1945), which later turned out to be the subject of my diploma. In 2009 I lived in Berlin for several months. This incredible scientific trip allowed me to feel and understand the country from the inside, to love its traditions and follow history step-by-step. I finished and defended my diploma "War Propaganda in Cinematography of the Third Reich" in summer 2010, which was later published as a monography with some additional materials. The book got highest appreciations of the leading Germanists in Russia. 




Several months later I entered the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a postgraduate student (aspirant). According to the political line of the institute, I was told to change my beloved specialisation to the subject of European monarchies in 20th-21st centuries. During the years 2010-2011, I wrote the book "Her Majesty the Queen of the Great Britain Elizabeth II. A View on the Modern British Monarchy", which was published in 2013.




My next book "The Past Without Future. The Story of King Edward VIII" is the first Russian edition of the complete biography of King Edward VIII and the most severe of my scientific works carried along with the writing of the doctor's thesis. Likewise, with the German subject, I had to make the long trip to the UK to work in the libraries and archives of Cambridge and Oxford.


During the same year, I was fortunate enough to hold several meetings with readers, become friends with the "Royals-magazine" and give my first interview on the radio.




Summer 2014 turned out to be very magical - it was a project of my first children's book titled "The Mystery of the Old Lighthouse", written and illustrated under a pseudonym, Anna Rini.




Autumn 2015 and the publishing of the new book: "British Monarchy at the End of 20th - Beginning of 21st Century", based on my doctor's thesis (written for a degree of Ph.D. in History).


This year I moved to live in Sweden, but I am still often visiting Russia.




In 2016 the book "The Mystery of the Old Lighthouse" was translated into English and Swedish ("Den gamla fyrens mysterium"), and was published in Sweden.


Visit an official website of the book to find out more - here.



After 2,5 years of work, in 2017 I have finally finished my next book "How to Steal a King?" devoted to the life of the controversial woman, Wallis Simpson. I was so attached to writing a biography of King Edward VIII, so I decided to continue this subject through the prism of an American woman, for whom King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne in 1936 and spent the rest of his days in exile. The book was written in the genre of the historical novel, although it is serious scientific research.


Also, this year was exciting by the active cooperation with the magazine Marie Claire and several articles in the "Dynasty" section.



The year 2018 surprised not only my family and friends, but also myself with the fact that I decided to continue my studies, and entered second university education in psychology. Now I am a student of the psychological faculty of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis (MIP), studying remotely. It was a conscious decision, towards which I have been going the last few years. One of the reasons standing behind it is the fact that I wrote two biographies (of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson) - very complicated people with an ambiguous fate.


Knowledge in psychology will allow me not only to understand human being at a deeper level but also to work directly with people as a psychologist in the future. Likewise, it will give me the opportunity to conduct psychological researches and write books in the genre of fiction.


This year was very fruitful also in the framework of my writer's career. My last book, "How to Steal a King? The Story of Wallis Simpson", was printed by the publishing house of Olga Morozova, which is undoubtedly a great compliment and a recognition for me as a writer. And finally, I delivered several interviews with such giant information services in Russia as TASS, RIA-Novosti, TVC and REN-tv channels, etc.